Taking Your Team To The Next Level – With Kevin Kruse


In today’s episode, Clint is joined by expert guest Kevin Kruse who is here to help you transform your team into the elite A-Players that will see your studio grow to the next level and beyond.

Stepping up as a leader or “boss” in your business can be a hard pill to swallow at times – after all, running a dance studio certainly isn’t like every other business!

So what happens when your team consists of your best friends?

Your family?

Or even your spouse?

Don’t worry – you’re certainly not alone in these challenges, and today’s episode is all about empowering you to be the leader that you (and your studio) deserve.

In This Podcast

Clint and Kevin share their experience and advice when it comes to:

  • Overcoming the emotional barriers that naturally come when you transition from a one or two-person hobby studio into a growing business.
  • Nurturing a studio culture that not only results in happy customers, but also invested and engaged employees.
  • Identifying problem relationships in your team, and effectively dealing with conflict (no more sleepless nights!) 

PLUS Kevin generously shares his insights on Employee Engagement – what it means, what drives it, and the game-changing impact it could have on your studio.

To hear more from today’s special guest, Kevin Kruse, make sure to check out www.kevinkruse.com

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