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If you have got 10 minutes to spare, you don’t want to miss out as Clint Salter shares his hottest tech-tips for dance studio owners in our Tech Tuesday special.

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Today what I wanted to share with you is two pieces of software that really you can’t live without if you want to be a successful dance studio with great automation happening and really streamlined processes. Now these two tools are things that you can use with your office manager and your DOFI (your director of first impressions), or some people call them, a receptionist.

These tools are Asana and Slack.

You may have heard me talk about these before, but I wanted to run you through in this episode what both of these softwares do, they’re both free and how they work together.

So Let’s start with Asana.

Asana is a project management tool, and you can use it to manage really anything. Tasks, projects, conversations, so you can use it to manage your enrollment process, your recital, your concert, buying costumes, your new teacher recruitment process.

Maybe you have a new student attraction marketing plan that you are going to put in place. (And by the way, if you need help with your student attraction and your marketing, make sure you join our brand new training, New Student Blitz).

Asana  really enables your entire team to work together. Most importantly for you or your office manager to track progress because, I don’t know about you, but when I was running my dance studio everything was on Post-it notes or notebooks, it got lost, I’d follow up two weeks later and say, “Hey Joan where’s XYZ?” And she’d be like, “Oh totally forgot about that.”

Nothing slips through the cracks when you are using Asana.

You can create a project in Asana: let’s say in January, you’re preparing for your marketing, and you’re going to do a big seven days of classes, right? Seven days of classes for free. What you can do in Asana is map out the entire process, from who has to do the cover photo on Facebook, who has to design the Facebook ads, who has to write the copy for the landing page or the website. Every single task can go in Asana.

The next tool I want to show you is Slack.

Slack is like instant messaging, so what I don’t want you to be doing is phone texting teachers and office managers, and What’s App’ing each other, and Facebook Messaging each other. This is not a great way for you to communicate and keep everything in the one place.

Slack and Asana the both have apps, and they’re on your laptop and desktop as well,

Everything’s everywhere, which is amazing.

But with Slack, it’s like Instant Messenger, so you can direct message someone. So for instance, if you wanted lovely Mel from my team, I can direct message her, or I can put a message in a channel.

For instance we have a DSOA channel, which is for everything that’s happening inside of our association for our studio owners, and we have certain team members that are a part of that. You might have a competition channel and you would just add the teachers and the office staff and obviously you, the people that are relevant to that channel, into there and you can have conversations there.

Slack is for the quick conversations that you need to have like, “Hey what’s going on with this?” Or “What’s happening there?”

And Asana is where you do your project and task management and you also delegate.

So that’s how they both work together super nicely.

What I want you to do this week is check it out. It’s changing studio owners lives. Are you going to “get it” in five seconds? No. You need to commit to this process, but you’re going to be saving at least eight to 10 hours a week if you implement these softwares.

Don’t forget, join us inside of New Student Blitz, the new training that we’re got coming up on Monday the 4th of December for two weeks. We’ll be mapping out your entire student attraction plan for January!

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