Are You Paying Your Team Enough?

Do you think people should get paid for doing a job? Do you think people should get paid less for doing a poor job? What about people who do an exceptional job?

The obvious answer is yes, to all of the above. But the reality is, lots of people do a job without getting paid. Probably some of you don’t pay yourself. Or sometimes people get hired for one job and end up doing another or a bigger job and not getting paid more or any differently. What about the people who barely do their job, or aren’t’ keeping up with everyone else and dragging down the team?

Just like the last episode, if you don’t have a team yet, no problem. Stick with us and learn a few lessons so you don’t make the same mistakes everyone else does when they first start hiring people.

Over the next six weeks we are thrilled to be welcoming the one and only Hillary Parnell as our guest host for a brand new series: The Empire Formula!

Hillary Parnell is one of the Studio Growth Coaches inside the Inner Circle, the owner of Academy For The Performing Arts in North Carolina, and the owner and founder of Dance Photo Pro! This very special series will give you an inside-look into how Hillary has grown her dance studio into an Empire as she shares her strategies that will help you unleash your inner CEO.

In this season Hillary will be diving into: measuring and managing your success; limiting beliefs and grand gestures; letting go of the day-to-day; debunking delegation myths, and so much more!

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