✨ BONUS Episode: The Enrollment Revolution – Innovative Tips from Successful Dance Studio Owners

If you’re looking to boost your enrollment numbers, you won’t want to miss these tips from successful dance studio owners!

In this episode, three successful dance studio owners – Dodie Hunter-Eskew, Bonita Saldana, and Donna Jacobs – share their innovative enrollment tips and strategies for attracting and retaining students.

Dodie, owner of the Rising Star Tumbling and Dance Studio in Wyoming, shares how she registered over 300 new students in 2022, while still accommodating rapid growth. Bonita, owner of The Studance Lab in Arizona and the first-ever head coach for the USA breakdancing team, shares the systems she and her husband have implemented to keep their studio thriving while pursuing other projects. Plus, she shares tips on how to prepare for the surge in interest in breakdancing.

Donna, Director of the Morton Street Dance Center in Maryland, enrolled 100 new dancers in her studio last year and reveals her biggest game-changer for student attraction and enrollment, as well as her top two or three retention strategies.

If you want to take your dance studio’s enrollment to the next level, then this episode is a must-listen. Tune in now to discover the enrollment secrets of successful dance studio owners!

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