Uplevel Your Life With These Simple Connection Tips

Uplevel Your Life With These Simple Connection Tips

Imagine what your studio – and your life – would look like if you focused on your wins.

If you focused on what’s possible.

Imagine what your life would look like if you didn’t define yourself solely on your business success.

Now ask yourself this: “If I were connected to myself; connected to my vision; connected to my studio; connected to my tribe, how would that feel?”

As studio owners, it’s not uncommon to feel stuck, or to battle with simply having too much on our plate at any given time.

But as leaders, we’re also always evolving.

So how can we truly make the most out of our growing curiosity and ambition, if we’re also frequently finding ourselves in a state of overwhelm?

That’s exactly where Transform My Dance Studio guest host, Cara Poppitt comes in this week as she shares her simple but effective strategies that will help you to approach growing your business and upleveling your life the right way for you.

In this week’s episode of our Dance Studio Connection To Creation podcast series, Cara shares:

  • Why it’s important to look beyond the end result of your goals
  • The most important questions you can ask yourself and your team when it comes to goal-setting
  • The art of active listening and the unbelievable results you will see by making one simple change in your communication

Cara also dives into the methods she has used to tap into her ‘higher self’ to make positive, lasting changes to grow her business in a way that has served her goals.

“Inspiration alone is not enough. We also need the application.” – Cara Poppitt.

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