CEO Coffee Chat!

Guest hosts and Studio CEO besties, Heather Buelow and Patti Johnston have joined the Transform My Dance Studio podcast team, and over the next 6 weeks they are here to change the way you look at leadership and life in your studio.

Introducing: CEO Coffee Chat with Heather and Patti!

In this week’s unmissable premiere, this innovative pair of Dance Studio CEOs are sharing their proven, actionable tips on how you too can build an amazing and stand-out team and how it will benefit your studio, including:

  • Defining your core values, and why this is such an important step that many studio owners overlook. “Core values give me direction in every business decision that I make, and they also give my staff direction in every decision I want them to make…setting those core values makes your staff feel more connected with the studio and have more of a purpose.”
  • Perfecting your pre-season faculty training & preparation. “The kickoff staff meeting is so important to get everyone on the same page before the season begins. It’s how I make sure that my standard is met in every class that’s offered.”
  • How to measure, review and improve your staff’s performance. “I know that by giving my staff ownership, they’ll just surprise me again and again.” 

PLUS Heather and Patti share their top tips for setting key performance indicators (KPIs), and teacher assessment processes that keep their faculty accountable and thriving in their roles.

Listen to episode #1 of CEO Coffee Chat, powered by the Transform My Dance Studio Podcast right here!

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