Riding The Studio Rollercoaster

Elevate Your Studio, with Angela & Jodi

Like most Dance Studio Owners, you probably know what it feels like to have a rough couple days (or weeks, or months if you look over the last 2 years!)

But you also know the feeling that pushes you through to the other side – the feeling and the knowledge that things are gonna get better soon.

Here in the Dance Studio Owners Inner Circle, it’s what is commonly known as the ‘Studio Rollercoaster’, and riding the highs and the lows of business is exactly what Angela and Jodi are diving into in this week’s episode of the Elevate Your Studio podcast.

Over the next powerful 20 minutes, join our hosts for their honest and powerful insights into:


  • Staying in your own lane without getting distracted or tempted to compare your own journey to that of others. 
  • The importance of training your ‘resilience’ muscle to keep yourself from crashing every time you hit a bump in the road. 
  • How to harness your own ‘hardcore mindset’ in order to thrive in the face of adversity 
  • Sharing your ‘Studio Rollercoaster’ strategies with your students to help prepare them for the highs and lows of the dance industry 

PLUS you’ll discover the silver-lining that you never expected to see from hosts Angela and Jodi!

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