Standing Out From The Crowd By Staying In Your Lane

A brand new episode of the Transform My Dance Studio Podcast has just hit the airwaves, and I hope you’re ready because this week our guest hosts are taking you and your studio from zero to 60 miles per hour in no time!

It’s Part 4 of our 6-part special, CEO Coffee Chat with Heather & Patti, and this week is all about staying in your lane while standing out from the crowd.

If you’ve ever suffered from ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO), or been consumed by copycats, then Heather and Patti’s tips are going to change your mindset and your trajectory for this season – for the better.

Our coffee-fuelled business besties share their experiences when it comes to:

  • Losing sleep over copycats in the dance industry, and practical tools to help you remain in your lane and thriving in the face of competition.

    “When you dial into that, you have a lot less problems. You don’t lose sleep over the little things. You have the right staff because they believe what you believe. You have the right clients, you have the right parents, and your dancers work the way you want them to work, because it all comes down to values”


  • Embracing a mindset of abundance, and how a ‘community over competition’ focus will help you enrol and retain more loyal dancers.

    “There is room for as many studios that we can fit in our town, because we’re really all truly bringing the gifts of dance to children. Why can’t we just celebrate one another and work together? As soon as we let go of the pettiness and the silliness, we all succeed”


  •  How to discover your ‘secret sauce’ to ensure you will stand out from the crowd (even when there is a studio on every corner):

    “It’s what makes you stand out from the crowd. It’s why your dancers won’t leave you to go to another studio – because they don’t have your secret sauce. We’re all teaching dance, but the way that you do it and the things that you do for your clientele are so different based on what is important to YOU and your studio.”

Heather and Patti also share how they have both found ways to re-discover and ignite their love and passion for running their businesses, even through their toughest challenges.

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