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Meet The Teacher You WISH Was On Your Team!

Do you find it impossible to find a teacher who is as invested in the success of your studio as you are? Who genuinely cares that your students are getting the best possible dance education each and every lesson, and whose teenage drop-out rates are the lowest in your area? It may seem like an…

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Bringing Your Studio Into The Online Arena With Sarah Cordiner

Did you know that your talent and expertise in the classroom don’t necessarily need to be restricted to your classroom? Bringing your studio into the online arena is a brilliant way to keep up with the current trends and ways that your audience are consuming content. While you don’t want to move EVERYTHING you have…

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Boost Your Studio’s Retail Game With Angela Evans

  Having a retail sector in your studio is a wonderful way to add an additional revenue stream that compliments your dance classes. It sounds easy enough, right? Buy some merchandise, add a bit of a profit margin, and you’re good to go. Not quite! Today we are here to talk about the common mistakes…

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Making Friends With Your Studio Finances! With Justin Krane

Does ‘crunching the numbers’ make you feel a bit sick to your stomach when it comes to tracking, planning and investing your studio income? Today’s guest will have you jumping for joy when ‘Financial Fridays’ roll around! In This Podcast Justin Krane is passionate about advising studio owners on how to unite their money with…

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Bridging The Gap Between Passion and Profit – with Josh Patrick

You’re working after hours, making personal and social sacrifices but your bank balance isn’t getting any healthier and you’re emotionally burning out. If you’re tired of working for the love of what you do rather than building a profitable business and building your empire, then today’s guest is here to turn things around. Josh Patrick…

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