Cracking the Code to 365 Days of New Student Enrollments

You NEED to be marketing 365 days a year to generate new student inquiries and enrollments in your dance studio, and this bonus episode will show you how! 📣 In 2023, Dance Studio Owners must learn how to stand out from the competition through their marketing and offers to avoid attracting the wrong customers. 👉…

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Retaining Amazing Admin Staff & Making the Most of Your Support System

Learn the secrets to retaining your dance studio admin staff and minimizing turnover with guest hosts, Heather and Patti! In this episode, you will discover: 1. What do you need to know to successfully hire and retain an admin support staff in a dance studio? 2. How can creative studio owners be better organized to…

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Increase Engagement & Retention With These Repeatable Strategies!

All too often in our journeys as Dance Studio Owners, the people we are spending the most time talking with, planning for, and reacting to are our Teachers and our Parents. This week, guest hosts Heather and Patti have rolled in early with their coffees in hand, pumped up and energized to be chatting about…

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Keeping Your Customers Happy (And Your Bills Paid!)

Unlock the joy of dance with the perfect parent-studio relationship! If parent management and customer experience is at the top of your Dance Studio priority list for 2023, then this episode is for YOU This episode of the podcast is all about keeping your clients happy, as Patti and Heather share how they learned how…

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How You Can Replace Yourself In Your Dance Studio In 2023

Dance Studio Freedom - Reclaim A Life Outside Of Your Business With Dan Martell

Dance Studio Freedom – How You Can Buy Back Your Time And Reclaim A Life Outside Of Your Dance Studio Does freedom from your business seem impossible when you are a Dance Studio Owner? This special episode is an Inner Circle retreat sneak-peek, where keynote speaker Dan Martell shares how to strategically buy back your…

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3 Simple Tips For Managing Your Time, Focus & Energy

Neen James Shares Time Management Tips For Dance Studio Owners

Time Management Strategies For Dance Studio Owners As a dance studio owner, you don’t have time to do everything in your business; only time to do what matters, which is exactly where Neen James’ time management strategies come into play!   As professionals and leaders, we wear many hats and it is easy to be…

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