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3 Financial Reports You Need To Master In Your Business

Is ‘financials’ your least favorite F-word when it comes to running your studio? If yes – you’re certainly not alone! Clint has been exactly where you are today. Loving running a dance studio, teaching classes and choreographing pieces that brings smiles to his students and their families’ faces….and dreading financial reports. He also knows why…

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Empowering Women in Business – Shar Moore

  It’s no secret that the vast majority of dance studios from all corners of the globe are run by women, which is why this podcast is such an important one. Having opened his own studio at the age of 16, Clint knows firsthand the dynamic of our female-dominated industry and has brought in an…

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Getting Things Done – 4 things to give you back 30% more of your time as a studio owner, with David Allen

Today Clint is joined by productivity guru and author of “Getting Things Done“, David Allen. David is widely recognized as the world’s leading authority on personal and organizational productivity. His thirty years of pioneering research, coaching and education of some of the world’s highest-performing professionals, corporations and institutions, has earned him Forbes’ recognition as one…

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1 Decision that changed my studio [and how I sold it]

If you’ve heard my story before, you know that I started my dance studio at 16 with a friend and really, really struggled the first 18 months. None of us had run a business and all we knew was how to teach dance. When it came to running a “real” business, we had a lot…

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Often A Teacher, Never A CEO

How did you become a dance studio owner? For many studio owners, they were loving teaching dance at a studio before deciding to open their own.  Others may have been born into a studio thanks to their parents, or bought someone else’s studio after being involved in the industry as a dancer. Clint still remembers…

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The Crimes We Commit Against Our Studio

Today Clint will discuss the top 8 things you as the CEO of your studio need to be focusing on if you want to grow a thriving and profitable dance studio! Go through the list and work out which ones you’re doing and, more importantly, the ones you’re not. In This Podcast Discover the 8…

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